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Happy Friday !!

Today I am going to talk about my personal commitment to take better care of my health.

The last few times I have had my blood work done at the clinic, they have wanted me to start taking medicine to lower my cholesterol.  So far, I have staunchly refused.  I finally relented to taking high blood pressure medicine, but I didn’t want to.

I know that some diseases are hereditary, but I refuse to start taking medicine for something which I have the ability to reverse.  Mainly high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

I have read so many articles and books about diabetes.  I have seen the damage first hand that diabetes causes.  My husband has diabetes and we fight it every day.  Until you or a loved one is confronted with the disease, you probably don’t have any idea of the internal damage that diabetes can cause.

Not only does it cause commonly known side effects such as blindness, deterioration of the internal organs (pancreas and others), but in the case of my husband, diabetic neuropathy is the most debilitating side effect we have encountered.

Have you seen the TV commercials for Lyrica?  If you watch TV at all, you most likely have seen the commercial as it is a very common advertisement.  It talks about the pain of diabetic neuropathy, the burning and stinging of the nerves in your legs and feet.  Take it from me, the pain is real, and in most people, neuropathy is probably the one side effect that they pray could be lifted from them.

Diabetes causes your bodies’ chemistry to go crazy and produce oxidation.  In some studies, scientists say that high blood sugar is one of the main causes of high cholesterol.  What this tells me is, if we can control our blood sugar to keep within normal range, we can prevent a myriad of disease.  Did you know that diabetes can be brought on by simply having surgery?  Or that steroid medications can cause you to develop diabetes?  Or did you know that Alzheimers is being called Type III Diabetes (they have found that high blood sugar damages your brain and can cause some people to develop Alzheimers)

The last time I had blood work done, my doctor also said that if I didn’t get a control on my eating (and high blood sugar) I would be on diabetic medicine before too long.  That statement sent a cold chill down my spine.  I have to keep myself as healthy as possible so that I can take care of my husband when the time comes that he needs more hands on care.

You owe it to yourself to investigate high blood sugar complications and to become educated on the subject. I am including a few links to websites that will explain, in easy to understand language, about the dangers of high blood sugar.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post today.  I feel very passionately about diabetes.  I pray that one day they will have a definite cure for it, but in the meantime we must take care of our body.

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