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Garden Update

Each evening, after supper has been eaten, we stroll out to the garden to see what new things are happening.  I am so proud of our garden.  Most all the seeds and transplants are growing like crazy.  If everything we planted makes a good crop, we will be begging our kids to come and get some !!

This first photo is of a tomato plant with its tiny blossom, ready to make a tomato very soon.

The next photo is a tomato plant right next to the above one.  This tomato plant is Ms. Over Achiever with TWO blossoms

Next is a red bell pepper plant with a dainty white blossom.  Isn’t it without a doubt, a miracle and a blessing to be able to watch how plants grow, make blossoms that turn into fruit, and then eat the vegetables at our tables?

Last but not least, is a teeny tiny strawberry hiding under the leaves of the plant.  After I took the photo, I picked the little baby strawberry and ate it.  It was so good.

I hope you enjoyed the update.  I will be sure to post more photos as I am able to take them and get them here on the blog.