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Thankful Thursday

I had the pleasure of having lunch and then visiting with my son and sweet daughter-in-law.  She and I get along soooooo good.  We are both Mother Nature type women.  I just love going to visit their home.  Misty (DIL) has such a knack for decorating.  She can take a vase or curtain or old piece of furniture and make it a feature in a room.  They live in an old frame home and in constant renovation mode.

This day she took me on a tour of her gardens.  She has plants tucked here and there all around her house.  They have an enormous stand of bamboo behind their house.  Occassionally I go and cut some to take home for free posts to use for projects around my house (and gardens).

She showed me their version of a keyhole garden. You can read about the concept here Garden Variety News  I had read about keyhole gardening years ago and thought it was a fabulous design.  I have never implemented one, but she did and here are pictures of it.

Here Misty is explaining how the compost “bin” in the center works.  As you can see from this picture, the structure was made from almost free materials.  They got the wood pallets for free, the cardboard for free, the bamboo posts for free, some of the soil for free from an edge of their property.  There is about a 6″ layer of compost that they purchase for a very low price at an area compost facility.  She said worms naturally come up from the soil into the cardboard which lines the bottom and sides, and then the worms migrate to the compost area.  It is a self fertilizing operation once it gets going !!

This is from a different angle.  She has tiny tomato plants that she grew from seed scattered around.  At the bottom right corner of the photo, that is a lavender plant, and my oh my, the leaves are so fragrant.  She also has marigold planted as a companion to the tomatos.  She told me that they just throw vegetable and fruit scraps into the compost area.  Since it is surrounded by soil, the worms can migrate to the lower section and feed on the scraps.  I think the whole thing is just fantastic. I get a little excited about gardening.  Can you tell?  Big smile.

These next two pictures are of a Chenille plant.  You can read about them here Chenille Plant and here is a post done by another WordPress garden enthusiast at Flutter & Hun Double Whammy Bloom Day, but here is Misty’s plant


Just one more picture and I have to go, but here is an old bench they have on their front porch that they renovated.  It is soooooooooo nice, I told her if she ever decided to sell it, please let me know first.