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Basics of Rhonna Design

Hi and welcome to my first follow along tutorial explaining Rhonna Designs.  You can find her videos on her website, http://www.rhonnadesigns.com, or you can find them on Vimeo.  Search for Rhonna and there they are !!

I started with the video Getting Started with the Rhonna Designs App.  Everyone has a favorite way to learn new information.  Videos are good, but to me, I treausre written instructions.  That is what I am attempting here…written instructions with photos to complement her videos.  Let’s get started.

After you have downloaded your Rhonna Designs app, open it up. This is the first screen you see.

The screen will keep filling up with recents projects that people have hashtagged with #rhonnadesigns, #rdmagic, #upliftandinspire and #rhonnafarrer. See the three boxes on the bottom?  The Heart opens a screen with four choices “Send Love” which allows you to rate Rhonna Designs, “Report an Issue” which sends an email to support at Rhonna Designs for help, the third is “View Video Tutorials” which takes you to the Rhonna Designs website where you will be able to view the tutorials after you have signed up for the newsletter, and the fourth option is “Cancel” which takes you back to the app. This is a photo of the just described screen.

Now we are ready to start exploring the other two buttons to the left of the Heart.  If you press the first button on the left, you get a screen that looks like this.   You get to pick a background from the groups displayed.  See that my phone has three Backgrounds options, a Rhonna Collage option (another Rhonna Design app that I have on my phone, IG (Instagram) Backgrounds, and your Camera Roll where you can pick a photo to add text too.  That is for a later tutorial.  Right now we are going to work on the Backgrounds options.  So, if I click on Backgrounds 1, this is the screen I see.

                                                                                         If I press on Backgrounds 2, this is the screen I see

 and if I press on Backgrounds 3, this is the screen I see  Notice that all of the 3 background options are shown.  We are going to pick one of the backgrounds to work on.  I am picking the very first option. This is the screen I am presented with Down at the bottom, notice that the “Original” box is shaded blue.  If you were to decide to save this graphic just as it is (which I will show you how to do in just a bit), you get three options to save the image size I always pick the first one as I usually plan on sharing my graphics I have created on my IG account.  We are not going to save this graphic just yet, so click Cancel and it will take you back to the original screen.  Now we are going to add some text.  Up in the top left hand of the screen, click on the T. This is the screen you see. Now I will be honest and tell you that I have had my Rhonna app for several years.  Here and there, I have purchased a font packs.   They are VERY inexpensive.  I am not sure what your screen will show if you have just downloaded the app.  But irregardless, you will have a choice of fonts to choose from.  I chose one and this is the screen I see Note that down at the very bottom you have choices of a variety of fonts to choose from.  You can sroll to the left and see all the choices.  Just above that you see the Color Line.  Again, there are color choices here.  Scroll to the left and choose which color you like.  I chose Black.  Then I double tapped on the text in the middle of the graphic to add some text AND emojis.  I really like that you can add emojis.

While we are still in the editing phase of our graphic, you can change the font. Do you see the “X” at the far right of the text bar?  This saves what you have already typed and takes you back to the editing screen. I chose a different font and kept the same emojis.   Now we can do some more cool things before we save this graphic.  Up at the top, click Done.  This is the screen you see. Up at the top on the left hand side, see the starburst button (right next to the T button)?  Click on it.  This is what you see next.

Now you get to choose Stickers !!  Each different one you click on will have several choices to choose from.  Again, you get to pick the color you like too !

This is one that I chose.  Now I am ready to save this graphic.  To do that, click up in the far right hand corner, the three horizontal lines.  This is the screen you see.We are going to click on the very bottom one, Share. This is where you are given the choices of Image Size.

Pick Instagram or one of the others. This is the next screen you see.

You are given many choices how you want to save your graphic.  I always save mine as “Save Image”.  Your phone may have different options.  But generally, the choices will be pretty much the same.

Now that you have saved your graphic, you can share it on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you like.  If you would like your graphic to possibly be featured on the opening screen of the Rhonna Designs app, add the hashtags given at the beginning of this post.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this introductory tutorial on Rhonna Designs.  I will be back in a few days with another tutorial.  In the meantime, be sure to find Rhonna Designs on IG, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.  Also be sure to sign up for her newsletter from her website.

Rhonna Designs – Mastering Dazzling Graphics

Rhonna Designs This is a series of posts about mastering the mobile app Rhonna.  I love to use Rhonna and have made some really nice graphics with it.  I have been thinking of something I would like to teach people to do and this very nice app with a definite feminine flair is one of my favorites.

You can find Rhonna listed under your app store on your smart phone.  It is free to sign up and you can do incredible designs with the free version.  I highly suggest going to the website here http://rhonnadesigns.com   Just the first page will mesmerize you (or it does me) with all the available activities she has going on at this website.

Scroll down a little and you will find a free download for a print, video tutorials, a workshop that will show you how to create graphics that highlight your family and your history and most of all be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

Here are just a couple of graphics I have created on Rhonna.  Now I will learn along with you, how to create dazzling graphics that make your heart feel happy.


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