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Garden Update

Each evening, after supper has been eaten, we stroll out to the garden to see what new things are happening.  I am so proud of our garden.  Most all the seeds and transplants are growing like crazy.  If everything we planted makes a good crop, we will be begging our kids to come and get some !!

This first photo is of a tomato plant with its tiny blossom, ready to make a tomato very soon.

The next photo is a tomato plant right next to the above one.  This tomato plant is Ms. Over Achiever with TWO blossoms

Next is a red bell pepper plant with a dainty white blossom.  Isn’t it without a doubt, a miracle and a blessing to be able to watch how plants grow, make blossoms that turn into fruit, and then eat the vegetables at our tables?

Last but not least, is a teeny tiny strawberry hiding under the leaves of the plant.  After I took the photo, I picked the little baby strawberry and ate it.  It was so good.

I hope you enjoyed the update.  I will be sure to post more photos as I am able to take them and get them here on the blog.

Our Garden is Flourishing

Here are some pictures from around our place that I took yesterday.  We started getting torrential rains last night that didn’t stop until this morning.  I only hope it didn’t wash away our pinto bean seeds that we planted Sunday.

These first two pictures are sunflowers that are growing below the bird feeder.  We put a mixture of black oil sunflower seeds and then tiny seed too.  The birds knock the seed out and it falls in my flower pots and on the ground.  It grows !! The third picture down is wheat (?) that is growing from knocked out birdseed too.

The next picture is one of our strawberry plants with a blossom.  Hopefully a strawberry will be ready for picking soon.  We only planted 3 plants.  We really don’t expect more than a few strawberries per plant.  I will save them as they as harvested, put in a ziplock back in the freezer then have them with some whipped cream one night.

Watermelon is next in the photo gallery.  Watermelons are supposed to grow really well in sandy soil, so they should make a bumper crop here !

Next is a zucchini plant and we all know that they will make so many you have to force people to take some.  Big smile.  We DO love zucchini here at our house.

One last picture of one of our tomato plants.  We bought a few different varieties such as Beefsteak, Big Boy and then cherry tomatoes.  I will use my dehydrator to dry and store excess tomatoes in the freezer.

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed.

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